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What Is Research?

Research may differ across disciplines, but all research regardless of your program involves relying on your analytical abilities as you embark on a line of critical inquiry, leading to the discovery of new information.

Research is not only conducted in a laboratory environment. In the Arts, research might be displayed through the creation of a sculpture or painting, a short story or film, a musical or theatrical composition, or a more traditional explication and analysis of another artist's work. In the Humanities, research may involve case-studies, interviews, ethnography, or even a close-reading of texts.

Even though research differs from discipline to discipline, the goal remains the same - analysis, inquiry, and discovery.

Undergraduate Spotlight

Congratulations Maillim Santiago!

Maillim will be the first BFA student from UCF to present a film at the Florida Undergraduate Research Conference. Maillim will be presenting her BFA thesis/capstone project third annual FURC, February 22 & 23, 2013.

Click here to watch a clip of Maillim's film, Little Girls.
Read Maillim's FURC Abstract.

Why Do Research?

Research is not only for professors and graduate students. As OUR (Office of Undergraduate Research) explains, participating in the research process as an undergraduate will expand your academic experience at UCF. It will also provide you the opportunity to:

  1. Work closely with a faculty mentor.
  2. Enhance your understanding and knowledge of your academic field.
  3. Clarify your academic, career, and personal interests.
  4. Gain academic credentials that help expand your resume, such as presenting at the UCF Showcase or other conferences, publishing, and working with a research team.
  5. Learn skills in communication (written and oral), critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and time management.
  6. Explore research techniques.
  7. Earn academic credit, scholarships, stipends, and/or awards for having conducted research.

With the breath of research topics across disciplines being so vast, OUR will help you find the research program that is right for you and take advantage of all the benefits undergraduate research has to offer.

Resources for Students

Getting Started


Peer Mentorship Opportunities

Finding Other Research Opportunities

Resources for Faculty


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