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Funded Grants

After a grant has been awarded, ORC and Finance & Accounting (F&A) will set up the project number with associated budgets in Peoplesoft. If needed, a match department will be created. Funding for matches comes via budget transfer from the units making the E&G match commitment or journal transfer for C&G matches. ORC will send an e-mail to the Principal Investigator (PI) with a copy of the award 650 form and match 650 form if applicable. Review the 650 forms to make sure the information is correct.

Spending Funds

  • The PI is fiscally responsible for grant and match expenditures
  • Grant administration is handled by the CAH Research Office
  • Costs should be charged directly to the grant or match as they are incurred.
  • Grant and match funds are spent through ePAFs, Peoplesoft requisitions, and PCards.
  • Invoices to be paid need the PI’s printed name, signature, date, and project name/number and should be submitted to the CAH Research Office
  • Pcard purchase information should be emailed to
  • Travel receipts must be submitted to the CAH Research Office within one week of returning from the trip for reimbursement
  • Equipment purchases must be approved by ORC prior to purchase
  • Funds cannot be spent after the end date of the project

Budget Transfers

Spending needs sometimes differ from the proposal budget. Budget transfers are needed to transfer between categories (salary, OPS, expense, or equipment). Contact CAH Research with justification for the transfer, ORC may need approval from the funding agency before making the transfer.


Grant and match activity can be tracked using Peoplesoft Financials or PARIS. The PI is responsible for reviewing grant and match expenditures and must notify the CAH Research Office of any discrepancies within 30 days.

In the event of overspending the PI is responsible for payment of expenses beyond the grant funding. Allowable charges can be transferred against the PI's overhead or balance accounts, or the PI will need to reimburse the University of Central Florida for the unallowable expenses.

Cost Transfers

Cost transfers, if approved by ORC, may be used to transfer costs from a department to the project. Every attempt should be made to charge the grant directly when the expense is incurred. ORC reviews all cost transfers. If denied by ORC, it is the PI’s responsibility to fund the unallowable expenses.

Transfers for Federal projects and transfers over 90 days are highly scrutinized and must have sufficient documentation and justification to be processed. Salary cost transfers must be made within sixty (60) days from the end of a semester and may require the PI to recertify their effort.


Personal Access to the Office of Research Information Systems contains all the data regarding grants and matches and imports financial information from Peoplesoft. PIs should have access to PARIS. Contact PARIS Support to have a login created or to get your password. Login information is the same as ARGIS and ECRT.

The Documents section contains all of the documents processed relating to the grant including the proposal, PTF, budget, award letter, subcontracts, consultant agreements, and modifications.

The Deliverables section lists the due dates for reports due to the funding agency and receipt date by ORC.

The Budget & Expenditures, Budget Details, Payroll, and Revenue sections have data imported from Peoplesoft based on the grant categories so the PIs can track their balances.

Time & Effort/ECRT

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-21, Cost Principles for Educational Institutions, requires universities to certify employee effort expended on sponsored contracts and grants.

By applying for a grant, a PI is making a commitment of effort to their research projects. This effort must be documented per Federal regulatory requirements. Time and effort must be reported even if the PI is not being paid from the grant or has not worked on the grant during the reporting period.

UCF employees that have an active grant, perform services on, or contribute effort toward a sponsored contract or grant through ORC or the Research Foundation must certify 100% of their full-time equivalency effort with the exception of employees paid on a Dual Compensation Form.

  • Faculty, adjuncts, A&P and USPS employees must certify their own effort
  • PIs must certify for their contracted GRAs, students, and OPS employees.

UCF has adopted the "after-the-fact" online activity reporting system called ECRT to document and certify the distribution of personnel effort expended on sponsored contracts and grants. ECRT time and effort certification is processed 3 times a year (in fall for the prior summer; in spring for the prior fall; and in summer for the prior spring).

For more information see:


All awards require a final deliverable at a minimum. The due dates of deliverables are established by the funding agency. In-house awards only require a final report at the conclusion of the project.

The deliverable schedule can be found in PARIS. Login and enter your grant number in the search field. When the grant name appears, click on it, and then click on "Deliverables."

ORC requires copies of all deliverables. Send a hard copy or e-mail a copy of your deliverables to theCAH Research Office with the date of submission to the funding the agency.

Closeout Process

ORC must finalize grant close outs within 90 days. CAH would like to finalize awards within 60 days.

  • Projects are created with a closing date in Peoplesoft. This date can be found on the 650 that is e-mailed when the award is set up and is also in ARGIS, PARIS, and Peoplesoft
  • No cost extensions must be requested before the end date of the grant
  • Negative balances must be cleared up before financial closeout can proceed
  • Property must be transferred off of the grant and either returned to the funding agency or moved to a department before financial closeout can be finalized
  • All deliverables must be submitted to ORC within 60 days after the project ending date
  • Projects must be closed within 90 days after the project end date

NOTE: All grants are subject to audit by federal authorities, state auditors, UCF Audit, and the funding agency.

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